Saturday, October 18, 2008

Easily make computer fast

I am writing this blog to share my computer knowledge in the firld of hardware as well as software and internet. I will keep writing tips on computer working and internet technologies here. So for today i am going to start with some very handy tips to make your computer work smart and fast.

Tips for make computer fast with operating system Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista :-
1. Always keep your computer clean. It means clean up your hardware parts as keyboard, CPU, mouse. It not only makes things smooth externally but internally also.
2. Use "disk clean up" option for you hard drives ,specially the drive where your operating system is installed. You can use this option just by right clicking on any drive and than clicking "disk clean up" option. You will see a list of files with checkbox, to be removed. Don't panic, nothing programming or technical like that here :) . Just select all the options and remove permanantly. You can keep internet  files either if you have sopmething important stored there.
3. Uninstall all no use programs form "add/remove options". Anything which is of no use like themes, games, dictionaries etc. just remove them. These really makes your computer go mad.
4. Always keep a space free of atleast 1 Gb in your drive where windows installed. It smoothes the working of programs.
5.  Dont use many programs at a time. Such things can slow any computer with highest configuration. Games, videos etc use the maximum memory of computer so they usually makes it slow.
6. Now something technical. Increase your computer's virtual memory. Don't know ,how to do this. Let me tell you. Ok, right click on "my computer" icon, go in advanced option ,than click on  "settings" button of peformance section. In this, go to "advanced option" and clcik on "change" button of virtual memory section. In this change initaial size to just double the size of your RAM size . Like if your RAM is of 1GB make initial size as 2 GB and change the final size as 4 times of RAM size. Than click set and press ok. It will surely help your computer work better.

So after these tips , i hope your computer will work much faster than before. For any question related to your computer problems as internet or hardware ,just send me your query or put a comment on my blog.

Note : Above provided tips are according to windows xp and people using on 98/2000/vista might see some difference in working out these.